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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


Atlantic Sapphire hits long-established goal in Denmark

The company is now at its targeted standing biomass at Danish site.

The development goes in line with the firm's target to reach a production of 9,200 metric tons of salmon a year that will be possible due to the shorter farming cycles required in land-based farming, said Johan Andreassen, Atlantic Sapphire CEO.

The company aims to sell 80 percent of its Danish volumes in the United States.

It has increased production over the past 12 months to 920 metric tons, and hit some key achievements such as a low mortality rate at under 3 percent on average during the period.

In real terms, the loss represents 1 percent of growing biomass, since 2 percent of mortality was related to new construction commissioning, Andreassen said.

In the year to date, the company has achieved a JEA Index - biomass gain per cubic meter a day - of 0.36 kg, and aims to achieve 0.47 kg JEA by the end of the second quarter.

1.15 million fish now feeding in Miami

In Florida, Atlantic Sapphire received the second batch of eggs in February. Right now there are 1.15 million fish at the Miami facility and construction continues to be on track and ahead of the production cycle.

"We are building as fish grows, which is obviously a risk. In the summer we will move the first fish into the saltwater stage," Andreassen said.

The US project is a challenge, but it is moving along as planned.

By year end the company will have received another six batches of eggs and will have a biomass of 1,000 metric tons.

Once the first phase of the project is finished, production will reach 9,000 metric tons a year.

"It is an enormous project, 250 people working on a daily basis, and it is just the beginning, we'll do 10 times this over the next decade," he said.

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