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Sashimi Royal


The Sashimi Royal production facility is located near the port of Hanstholm in Denmark, on a 30.000 m2 plot located next to the shore. Hanstholm has a long and proud history in the seafood industry with a range of companies working with seafood products.

The primary mission is to make a delicate and sought-after seafood product available to the local EU market. Sashimi Royal is the first large-scale, land-based facility in the EU that produces Yellowtail. Total annual production is 1200 tons with market deliveries from 2017. We have been farming Yellowtail for the past two years and refined the production method to achieve good spawning and fish welfare.

The facility has received substantial financial support from the Danish authorities due to its innovative approach. Upon production start, Sashimi Royal will seek ASC certification as quality mark.

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