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IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply


Leading supermarket and seafood brands, international fish farmers and NGOs say why they believe the programme is the first link in a fully responsible aquaculture value chain.

The eight minute film was premiered at the IFFO Annual Conference in Lima, Peru. Delegates also heard that, just two years after its launch, nearly 30 per cent of the world's fishmeal and fish oil production capacity was now certified to the RS Standard.

Steve Bracken of salmon producers Marine Harvest says of the certification programme: "Having a Standard like that says a lot about the integrity of our feed supplies."

Peter Hajipieris of Birds Eye Iglo adds: "It is critically important to us to demonstrate to consumers that what they eat is safe and that we are not plundering the planet" and Ally Dingwall of Sainsbury's explains that his company's responsibility to consumers must extend right back along the supply chain to ensuring that the wild fisheries that supply fishmeal and oil are responsibly managed.

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