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Sandart/Zander/Pike Perch


Danish fish farmer, processor and exporter Aquapri, known for its delicious trout and trout roe, is now also the world's largest farmer of zander, also known as pike perch.
Already a large exporter, the company like many European exporters have been hit by Russian trade sanctions. Now is focus on Asia.
Managing director Henning Priess says: We believe strongly in this fish. At first we were
producing around two hundred tonnes a year. In September we started to produce at a new
indoor facility where we invested DKR 65 million, and we will increase production to 600 -700 tonnes.
Aquapri was a pioneer when they first started trial with zander in 2006. ln the beginning, they kept mature zander in lakes, caught the fry and fed them in an old farm previously used for eel production. This method had one major problem. The zander only spawns once a year, so they did not get enough fry. The company therefore decided to try something not tried before, to make the mature fish spawn in a temperature-controlled environment where it was possible to create different seasons of the year. One zander produces around 500.000 eggs. Aquapri is now producing one million fry per year. The company has developed the technology, and they are now ready to serve the global market with this very delicious fish.
Aquapri is the only company in the world that has developed a method to make the zander
spawn four times a year. This gives them the unique opportuniy to supply fresh zander to customers at any time, as they can have a number of different generations of the fish in grow out tanks.

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