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"Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century."

- Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist


Danish clean tech technology for Vietnamese fish farmers

A major outcome of the Danish Trade Delegation in the celebration of the 40th year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Vietnam is the decision to push further the establishment of a Danish Vietnamese Aquaculture Technology Centre VIDATEC.

During the five-day visit by the Danish Crown Prince to Vietnam at the invitation of Vice President Doan, members of the VIDATEC took the opportunity to identify primary goals of the new cooperation at a meeting at VASEP in Ho Chi Minh City. VIDATEC has been formed to transfer new technology from Danish aquaculture technology suppliers to the Vietnamese aquaculture industry.

Chairman of AquaCircle (The Organisation of Danish Aquaculture Technology Suppliers) Mr. Jacob Bregnballe said that the strengthening of commercial ties, especially in the areas of green growth, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production was very well in line with the overall dialogue between the two countries. The General Secretary of VASEP Mr. Truong Dinh Hoe confirmed that there is an increased need and also an increased readiness among the Vietnamese fish farmers to adapt the technologies and harvest the increases in production, sustainability and food security.
The VIDATEC is expected to play a major role in establishing strong green partnerships between companies in aquaculture, and to set the framework for future development in the sector. The first area in focus will be the pangasius farming to develop a greener and more sustainable sector for the benefit of both producers and the environment. The pangasius industry has reached a new stage in development where focus on optimisation and quality growth will be key parameters.

Interesserede er velkomne til at tage kontakt med AquaCircles sekretariat for yderligere oplysninger (klik for mail)

Fra venstre mod højre: Ngô Tán Huynh Chuyên (AKVA Group, Vietnam), Jacob Bregnballe (AKVA Group Danmark), Duong Quoc Vinh (DHI, Vietnam), Jørgen Erik Larsen (DHI, Danmark), Dinh Thu Hoang Lan (Danmarks Ambassades kontor i Ho Chi Minh City)
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