Danish companies, institutions, fish farmers, organisations and other stakeholders with an interest in recirculation technologies within the aquaculture sector has formed the association AquaCircle.


Fødevareministeriet,  Direktoratet for FødevareErhvervEU-KommissionenAquaCircle is supported by

The Danish Ministry of Food
The EU-Commission
The European Fisheries Fund

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Chile is one of the biggest salmon-producing nations in the world. The perspectives are big - and so are the proportions. A new tank for salmon-fry is molded on-site and placed either in-house or outside depending on which life-cycle stade of the salmons is to be nursed. An outdoor placement will often include some kind of sheltering to avoid contamination from the natural environment - for example birds and also to give the possibility to manage the day-lenght with artificial light.
Regardless of the placement all tanks are connected to a water purification unit and the water in the facility is recirculated.