Danish companies, institutions, fish farmers, organisations and other stakeholders with an interest in recirculation technologies within the aquaculture sector has formed the association AquaCircle.


Fødevareministeriet,  Direktoratet for FødevareErhvervEU-KommissionenAquaCircle is supported by

The Danish Ministry of Food
The EU-Commission
The European Fisheries Fund

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Water purification
Some times effective solution can be found not necessarily involving 'high-tech' equipment.  The picture - above - illustrated how 'low-tech' goes hand in hand wi 'high-tech. Dewatering of the remainings from the water purification systems - sludge or fish-manure - is t he last stage in the recirculation proces. Here this task is done using earthen-worms in a bed of wooden chips. Billions of worms flurish eating the organic compounds in the fish-manure. The effluent is clear water. After a period (years) the wooden chips are replaced and the compost can be used for fertilizing agriculture or horticulture. The shelter/cover of this facility hinder birds in eating the highly valued worms.