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About us

AquaCircle is a Danish Knowledge- Cluster for continuous development of Recirculation Technology in Aquaculture. Scientific based results will lead to innovation with the overall aim to strengthen the Aquaculture sector including the primary producers, the supporting industry, R&D, consultancies etc.

AquaCircle will create information on Recirculating Aquaculture Systems intended for Authorities, Financial Institutes, Science Communities, Fish Farmers, Industries, Educational Sectors, Consumers and to the general public.

Internally, among members, AquaCircle shall act as a greenhouse - stimulating the creation and supporting the growth of groups - facilitating companies and people to cooperate with multiple and cross-sectorial approaches, to solve problems, test ideas and create innovative solutions to be implemented for the benefit of the sector and to enhance the use of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.

To secure the need for qualified scientists and employees to the Aquaculture sector, AquaCircle will assist and support in building up relevant training and education on all levels.

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