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Aquaculture - A Danish Model


This video shows the transition of the Danish Aquaculture sector. The sector has during the last 8-10 years switched to recirculation technology - giving the double production in 1/10 of the former area AND lowering the nutrient effluent.
The reduction in nutrient effluents were better than expected and are:
N reduced with: 50%
P reduced with: 65%
BOD5 (organic material) reduced with: 95%
All measures per kilo fish produced
At the same time we achieved a bigger and more homogeneous production with increased feasibility,

On top of all these positive results we can add:
Less outlet of medicine and chemicals due to disease control and increased turnover of residues due to the water cleaning facilities - bio-filters among others.

15% of traditional Danish fish farms have so far been refurbished to RAS and now produce  >40% of the Danish trout production!
More farms will follow!

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