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In April 2018 Nordic Aquafarms entered into a deal with Inter Aqua Advance to supply the recirculation aquaculture systems for smolt and grow-out facilities at both the Fredrikstad Seafoods and Maine, US projects.

Construction on a new 1.6 million capacity smolt facility in Fredrikstad is planned to start this year, while a 3.5m capacity unit has also been scheduled to begin by mid-2019.

Development of new grow-out expansions are also moving ahead; a 4,000 metric ton-per-year unit in Fredrikstad is planned to start by year-end 2018, while construction of grow out modules for 13,000t/year in the US is expected to start in the second half of 2019.

Construction on Fredrikstad Seafoods kicked off in 2017. The salmon facility will be ready for production in late 2018, and ready to deliver product one year after this.

Meanwhile in the US, Nordic plans to construct a land-based salmon farm with an annual production capacity of 33,000t (66 million pounds), in several phases.

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