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Trout's escape revealed by photographer  2007-12-13

The owners of a trout farm were left baffled when fish were going missing. But then a wildlife photographer caught their extraordinary escape route on camera. He pictured the trout making giant leaps out of their pond straight into the metal feed pipe three feet above the water level. They then fought against the current for 30 feet until they reached the end of the eight inch wide pipe, which emerges underwater in a tributary of the River Itchen near Alresford, Hants.


Foto: Dennis Bright

For the Brown Trout, November and December is the mating season in the river, and it is natural for them to jump at waterflows. It is instinct rather than cunning that drives the brown trout to make their leap for freedom. The fish will be trying to get upstream to spawn.
The owner, Mr Knight, said: "They will follow instinct. I don't think they would be looking up at the pipe and thinking, 'Come on lads, let's go for it.'"




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